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about us

The mission of Faith Partnership Inc. is to improve the lives of low-income people and low-income communities by connecting community and faith-based institutions, corporations, and individuals to a range of new skills and resources. We were founded in 2001 by Eva Clarke, our President and Chief Executive Officer. Eva's fifteen years of leadership experience with community development corporations (C.D.C.s), faith-based institutions, and a major community development financial institution (C.D.F.I.) equips her to understand diverse constituencies and to bridge the gaps between them.

Faith Partnership was launched out of our recognition of two key realities:

In other words, since most faith-based institutions seek to be channels of God's love to the world around them, they need to fully engage the resources that God has made available to them. Our initial approach to our mission was to focus on the faith-based institutions in our community and to help them establish connections with key anchor institutions. Much of this work was done in the form of consulting services.

We eventually realized that our work would be more effective if we modelled these kinds of connections as a faith-based institution ourselves. Therefore, in 2005 we reorganized Faith Partnership as the community development affiliate of Life Church Ministries, Inc *.

The Bible records the story of God's incarnation in Jesus Christ. By becoming human God was able to relate to men and women personally and as a part of their natural world. This enabled him to influence them in new and more effective ways. At Faith Partnership we pursue that incarnational model by creating strategic alliances with the same types of partnering anchor institutions that we initially worked with. In this way we expand our impact on the communities that we serve as we develop models that will be useful for other faith-based institutions.

We now concentrate our efforts in four key areas: network building, educational enrichment, institution building, and consulting/training.

Network Building

Educational Enrichment

Institution Building